In my work as a photographer, my intention has always been to have a positive impact on the world around me. Whether that be through covering important topics in documentary work, or in minimising my impact environmentally. There wouldn't be much point in capturing the beauty of the world for your walls and then simultaneously destroying it in the process of printing your artwork and getting it to you, would there?! So, these are some of the ways that I try to minimise my impact on the environment: 


Printed to Order

All artworks ordered on Arte Della Fotografia are printed to order. This enables me to keep waste to an absolute minimum. The entire process of sending the artwork to print is quality and colour controlled - what I see on my computer screen is what the printer sees on theirs and, in turn, what is printed onto the paper. By managing this process meticulously from start to finish, I am able to avoid mistakes and reprints.


One Tree Planted

Arte Della Fotografia proudly supports One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is an organisation that works in North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Africa, planting trees. For every artwork sold, I will have One Tree Planted on your behalf! You will be helping to restore forests after wildfires and deforestation and in turn, improving local soil and air quality and restoring native habitat. One Tree Planted also provides education to locals on sustainable forestry practices, thus ensuring the protection and longevity of the world's forests for generations to come. 


Less Miles

Arte Della Fotografia works with professional, boutique, fine art photographic printers in Australia, the United States of America and Europe. This means that your artwork closer to home, thus reducing the number of miles that it travels to get to you. As an added bonus, you will save money on shipping and taxes!



Although, with the COVID pandemic in full swing, travel is currently minimal, when I do travel, I make every effort to minimise my impact. I hike, uses public transport when possible and I limit air travel - always offsetting carbon when purchasing tickets.

Being out in the environment and out on adventures often, I endeavour to always use refillable water bottles and containers and reusable (or biodegradable if needed) bags. I am also very aware of the environment around me and clean up after others whenever possible.