Paper, Sizes and Framing

The Paper

All artworks are printed onto museum quality, fine art photographic rag. If you have not seen this type of paper before, it is not like your classic photo paper - it looks more like the type of paper that you would use for watercolour painting. I have chosen this medium as I believe it is most suited to the artworks available on Arte Della Fotografia. It looks incredible with colour artworks - the colours almost sit on top of the paper and 'pop' out, with intense vibrancy. With black and white artworks, it creates deep, rich tones and sharp detail. 

The paper is FSC approved (or sustainably sourced) and contains no plastic. The inks are water based. 


Unframed Prints

Unframed artworks will be rolled and posted in a tube. Currently, for standard sized artworks, the image will be printed to the size ordered and will be printed right to the edge of the paper.

I am planning on updating all unframed prints to include a small white border around the edge of the print. In doing so, a framer of your choosing will be able to cut the mount or trim the print exactly to size so that you can avoid losing any part of the image behind the frame or mount. I have only set up this border on a few of the most recently added photos however - it has not been done to the majority of them. If you are considering ordering an unframed print and would prefer it with or without the border, please email me to confirm the details of the photograph you are interested in. 

Some artworks that are not a standard size, for example, a panorama, will not be printed to the edge on all sides - the shorter sides will be and then there will be a wide border above and below. This can easily be trimmed to size when framing. 

This type of printing gives you the option of purchasing a ready-made frame or having one made locally. The artwork could also be float mounted within the frame. If framing normally or adding a mount / matt within the frame, a tiny bit of the artwork will finish up hidden behind the mounting. 



Framed / Framed and Mounted Prints 

Most artworks available on Arte Della Fotografia are available either framed or unframed. Please note that the size listed for sale is indicative of the size of the glaze, not the print size

If you order a framed, unmounted print, a few millimetres on each side of the image will be covered by the frame. This will be more noticeable on smaller prints, such as the A3 and A2 prints, especially where there is detail on the edge of the image. 

If you order a framed and mounted print however, the actual image size will be significantly smaller to make room for the mount and a small border around the edge of the image will still be covered by the mount.

Unfortunately, the only way to avoid having a fine border around the edge of the image covered by either the frame or the mount is to order an unframed print and have it mounted and / or framed according to your preferences.

If you would like a different size or type of frame, please send an inquiry through via the contact form (before ordering).

All frames come with acrylic plexiglass which provides increased UV protection and less glare than glass. Being plexiglass / perspex, the glazing is also very lightweight and less likely to be damaged during shipping. 

The frames are created from high-quality wood, milled with simple, clean lines and presented with a satin finish. They are incredibly light which is a huge advantage for shipping, but also for hanging the artwork in your home. Large artworks can be hung easily, without any hassle.  Smaller artworks could even be hung using the 3M removable picture hooks, or with the special removable picture hanging strips if you prefer - a fantastic option for people that are renting and are therefore unable to mark or put holes in the walls! 

Framed and mounted prints include an off-white mount that will not discolour or fade with age. The mount will be 2" (approx. 5.08cm) on each side and 1.4mm thick. The window mount is cut from premium, textured mountboard. All mounts are 'conservation grade', FSC certified, 100% acid free, and will not discolour or fade with age.

All frames are handmade by specialist picture framers and delivered ready for hanging. 

Frames are a classic picture frame - the design is simple and timeless. If you would like something different, please send your inquiries through to or use the form on the contact page.