portrait ashleigh


'Arte Della Fotografia' was founded in 2020 by Australian photographer, Ashleigh Lauren Bradley. 

Ashleigh is a multi-award winning Australian photographer. In 2015, she packed up her life and moved to the other side of the world, in the name of love. She currently resides in Italy with her husband Andrea and their french bulldog, Alfredo, and it is from here that she pursues her passion for photographic art.

Photography for Ashleigh is a means of creative expression - an artistic pursuit. Her main areas of focus are her portrait and documentary work and her artwork. Through her artwork - the photographs that you will see throughout this site, she aims to capture the innate beauty of the world around us. 


"For me, it is so important that my home is my happy place, my sanctuary. And now, amidst the crisis of a global pandemic, it has become even more apparent just how important it is to have that refuge. The artworks you will find on this site were created with that in mind. I want to share those feelings with you. I want to help you create your sacred space.

Whenever I am exploring and photographing the world around me, I am photographing for the walls of my own home. I am thinking of the feelings and the harmony that I want to create within my space. Aiming to capture the beauty, the warmth, the ambience, the feeling within the scene, so that when I look at the finished artwork, I will be able to live the feelings that I have captured, and I do hope that you will too." - Ashleigh